Patient Stories

This unfortunate patient was a victim of domestic violence. She was thrown against a glass door by her abusing boyfriend and injured her face. She was left with major scars on her forehead and left side of the face. That experience threw her into depression and she started drinking. She would tell me that every time she looked in the mirror , the horrible scars reminded her of the terrible trauma she suffered. Since then she left the boyfriend and she is currently in a wonderful relationship and she is getting ready to get married. She wishes to improve her look so she can get a fresh start on her new chapter of her life.

Clinically there is evidence of multiple scars on the forehead and face. The plan was to perform a scar revision and to remove the rest of the scarring by hiding the incisions behind her ears in a less visible area. I reminded that we could not erase totally the scars but we could definitely improve them.

The surgery was performed under general anesthesia. The patient did not have any significant post post- operative complications.

Since then she got married and lives a very happy life.

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