The Mission/Purpose

The goal of the VDVPS Foundation is to offer Plastic and Reconstructive surgery to victims of domestic violence. The unique feature of this ambitious project is the fact that it is the first time in history that a group of physicians with diverse specialties have come together – using a comprehensive approach – to give the victims of domestic violence the potential to erase their physical scars. Consequently, we can address all physical areas of their trauma including their face, body, smile and even their vision!

Our services include:

  • Plastic and reconstructive Surgery of the face and body
  • Ob-GYN related trauma and Injuries
  • Dental Trauma and related injuries
  • Vision related trauma and problems
  • Oculo-plastic related trauma and injuries
  • Internal Medicine trauma and related problems

Never before has such a comprehensive approach been offered to the victims of domestic violence. 

To be admitted to our program, the patient must have terminated the abusive relationship and be actively participating in therapy to aid their psychological recovery.  In addition, it must be assessed that the injuries were directly related to the domestic abuse. 

Once the above criteria have been met, the patient will be seen by one of our specialists and evaluated according to their needs. A plan will be formulated and then the patient will be guided through the procedures that are being recommended. 

Our team includes Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons, Hand surgeons, ENT surgeons, OB-GYN surgeons, Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgeons and Dentists. During the initial consultation, the patients are screened to make sure that the above criteria for admittance have been met, and are asked to provide details of the injuries sustained.  After careful selection of the appropriate procedures, the patient will undergo surgery in one of the facilities or hospitals participating in the project. 

The unique aspect of the foundation is the joint effort of multiple specialists – giving the patient a broad and more comprehensive approach to their injuries.  The hope is that by facilitating the patient’s physical healing, we can in some way promote their psychological recovery as well.

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